WATCH: Mina performs with TWICE at Japanese concert

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TWICE‘s Mina has returned to the stage, performing with the group at a recent Japanese concert!

Mina performed “Feel Special” with her fellow members at TWICE’s concert at Marine Messe Fukuoka, and JYP Entertainment has shared the official fancam showcasing the performance.

Mina has been on a break since August 2019 to focus on her mental health after it was announced that she has been suffering from anxiety. For fans, this concert was the first time they got to see Mina perform the “Feel Special” choreography live with the members, making it their first nine-member performance of the song.

JYP Entertainment is yet to confirm if Mina will be joining other stops on the tour, but fans are certainly thrilled to see her back on stage – just listen to them screaming for her in the video below!


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